Orchard Farm - the build

Orchard Farm build

AMAZONE's new Training, Education & Research Centre project started in December 2015 with the purchase of 37 acres and a range of farm buildings. Now three years down the line and with the building of the new FARRS link road to Robin Hood Airport complete, we are left with a very impressive, multi-million pound investment by the AMAZONE Group in British farming.  The 3,000 m building contains the new training centre with big and small conference rooms, exhibition area, double-sized parts department with electronic parts storage as well as workshop facilities for machine preparation. 

And obviously outside we have a big playground, some of which we are farming, some of which we carry out trials work - this autumn we are starting a cover crop management trial - as well as having the ability to demonstrate all and sundry from 12 m solo drills, disc and tined cultivation kit and ploughs through to 36 m sprayers. 

The facility is also open to farming-related groups who wish to hold meetings and seminars; so get in touch to find out if we can accommodate your needs.

We thought that the build was worth recording so take a look at the process, it took a little while longer to build in real life but it was worth waiting for!