Machine of the Year: the Amazone ZA-TS fertiliser spreader


The new Amazone ZA-TS fertiliser spreader with Argus Twin now carries the title "Machine of the year 2016". This title is bestowed on machines worthy of this Special Innovation Award. The official presentation by the agricultural editors of the dlv (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsverlag) took place on 10th November, 2015 at the Agritechnica Show in Hanover.

Together with international partners from France, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Romania and Russia, the agricultural editors that make up the dlv awarded one specific machine as 'Machine of the Year' from across 14 different categories, the ZA-TS taking the title in the application machinery category.

The innovation that lies behind the ZA-TS with Argus Twin is the constant monitoring of the spread fan to automatically regulate the lateral distribution. This monitoring is based on radar technology that is independent of dust and pollution and which provides reliable results in practice. For the 2016 spring season, the new Argus Twin will be offered on the ZA-TS ISOBUS spreader. Argus Twin monitors, via radar sensors above both the left and right hand discs, the spread fan and readjusts the electric delivery system independently to each other if necessary.

Fully automatic fertiliser spreading

The application rate, as well as any other relevant fertiliser data from the setting chart, can be stored in the ISOBUS terminal. For the Argus system, however, the throw off angle, which is needed to give the optimal lateral distribution pattern, is also taken care of in the setting chart. On the basis of this value, Argus Twin constantly checks whether the predetermined direction of throw for the fertiliser is in fact being maintained by the spreading disc. When the actual spreading angle deviates from the “desired” spread pattern due to inconsistencies within the fertiliser, worn spreading discs, travelling on slopes or the starting and stopping procedures the ZA-TS spreader readjusts, on its own, the delivery system – and that of each side individually. The precondition for use is the electric delivery system. Argus Twin can be utilised on both mechanically-driven ZA-TS Tronic spreaders or with a ZA-TS Hydro spreader with hydraulic spreading disc drive.

For the ZA-TS, the Argus Twin-System always guarantees, due to the constant on-line monitoring and the subsequent re-adjustment of the delivery system if necessary, the optimum lateral distribution of the fertiliser. This ensures the most effective use of fertiliser and is the basis for optimised crop management.
The system can be started immediately. It operates even when border spreading and when part-width sections are switched off and on. In hilly terrain Argus even provides a slope compensation of the spread pattern via the automatic readjustment of the delivery position of the fertiliser.

Due to its rigid attachment without moving components the system is extremely robust and completely maintenance-free.

Whilst Argus optimises the lateral distribution, the 200 Hz on-line weighing system on the ZA-TS ensures the precise maintenance of the applied spread rate. Thanks to the optional tilt sensor for the weighing system, the application rate can be monitored constantly even in hilly terrain.