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Gammies celebrate 25 years of Amazone Groundcare

Gordon Edwards of Gammies Groundcare, based in Forfar, has been involved with Amazone machinery for over 25 years and to celebrate this long-standing cooperation, Gordon was presented with a gift by Amazone Groundcare National Sales Manager, Richard Wroot at a recent visit. Over the years, Gordon has worked hard keeping the meadows of Scotland tamed, helping businesses and local authorities in Northeast Scotland to manage their green spaces. This support has resulted in most local authorities surrounding Gammies sporting a Profihopper. Notably he has also sold machines into the Royal Dornoch Golf Club and Scone Palace as well as, at the beginning of the year, landing a big order with those local authorities for 7 new Profihopper 1250’s. Year on year, Gordon excels at pushing Amazone products and we’re looking forward to working the next 25 years with him.

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Gordon (right) being presented a gift to commemorate 25 of years of dealing with Amazone machinery.

When it comes to local authorities, Gordon explains that they are changing their cutting strategies, ‘Now they are choosing to let the grass grow longer and to cut less frequently. This helps promote increased biodiversity within their green spaces, providing better wildlife habitats and letting nature flourish. The longer grass makes cut and drop systems inviable, leaving too much residue even from the best of mulchers. Choosing a cut and collect mower such as the Profihopper has enabled this lower input system, with areas now only being cut 3-4 times a year, to become the norm. Taking away the cuttings reduces the organic matter levels, stopping the grass feeding as much and slowing down the regrowth’. With zero grass residue left behind as well due to the unique twin auger collection system, it means that picking up longer, wetter grass is not an issue, making blockages on damp days a thing of the past.

With many local authorities trying to focus increasingly on environmental diversity, the Profihopper has been a very popular choice. For applications such as wildflowers where mowing may only occur once a year, cut and collect is really the only option to keep the sward lean and avoid the more vigorous grasses taking over; reducing the viability of the flower mixes. Keeping the finish tidy and getting sorted in a timely manner is also of high importance and the high lift tip of 2.1 metres allows for councils to easily load clippings into vehicles and trailers.

With the additional capabilities of leaf collecting and scarifying, the Profihopper quickly becomes a must have machine that can be used throughout the year. Scarifying being a popular feature for both the lush lawns of prestigious houses as well as in meadows, thinning out the bottom of the sward, promoting root development, increasing rain infiltration and reducing moss and disease issues.