Cenius Super mounted mulch cultivators get the C-Mix tines

Cenius 3003

Designated as the 03 series, the 3rd generation of the proven Cenius Super mounted mulch cultivator now gets the new C-Mix integrated stone safety system. The three stagger Cenius mulch cultivator offers a wide scope of application from shallow stubble tillage right through to top soil deep loosening. The tine spacing of 27 cm ensures the intensive incorporation of organic matter; the frame height of 80 cm and the layout of the tines providing the optimum passage of soil and trash for a block-age-free operation. Mounting to the tractor is via Cat. III lower link pins but, by simply reversing the pin, the wider Cat. IIIN can be also utilised for bigger tractors. Two mounting heights for the lower links and top link are available to ensure an optimum matching to the tractor.

Perfect operational performance
The designation “Super” stands for the automatic stone safety protection and the new style overload safety device is now standard on all mounted Cenius Super models which comes in 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m working widths.
On the C-Mix Super tines, the stone protection is provided via a pressure spring with a release force of 600 kg and a spring lifting height of 300 mm. For bigger obstacles, which require a lifting height of more than 300 mm, an additional shear bolt, allowing the tine to move upwards, provides additional safety. Also, under heavy soil conditions, the release force of 600 kg ensures the safe maintenance of the working depth right down to 30 cm.
So, even when top soil deep loosening and under the most arduous of conditions, a perfect operational performance is ensured. The system is maintenance-free and thus helps to minimise downtimes.
The new C-Mix Super tine means that the C-Mix 3 share system can be utilised. The C-Mix 3 system consists of differing guide plates and share tips including the 350 mm C-Mix wing share. When equipped with any one of the permutations of the C-Mix 3 share system, the Cenius 03 Super can be operated very flexibly from 5 cm down to 30 cm in depth.
For levelling the soil surface, a single row levelling unit is attached to the rear of the three stagger tines. The customer can choose from three versions: in addition to the spring leveller tines, there are either serrated or smooth levelling discs, depending on the application. For a clean, even finish from bout to bout, side levellers are available as option – these are telescopic and individually adjustable in height and setting angle to leave the perfect match.

Comfortable adjustment
Setting the working depth is carried out centrally on the implement. As standard, setting the depth is carried out mechanically and steplessly via a simple setting spindle. As an option, a comfortable hydraulic adjustment of the working depth is available, allowing the driver to respond to differing soil conditions and operational conditions on the move. An easily-visible scale aids the quick adjustment from the tractor cab.
The depth setting of the levelling unit at rear of the Cenius Super is also carried out quickly, safely and without tools via two spindles. To further improve the operational comfort, AMAZONE now also offers the hydraulic adjustment of the levelling unit. This allows the complete adjustment of the Cenius Super from the cab with the hydraulic adjustment providing maximum comfort and operational safety. Again via the clearly visible scale, the current working depth of the levelling discs is also readable from the tractor seat.

An even larger choice of consolidation rollers
In order to match the Cenius Super to extreme variations in soil conditions, AMAZONE offers a wide range of following rollers. Thus it is possible to equip the Cenius Super with the perfect roller for any location. The following rollers are available: SW 520 cage roller, SW 600 cage roller, RW 600 knife ring roller, PW 600 tooth packer roller, KW 580 wedge ring roller, KWM 650 wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile, UW 580 U-Profile roller, DUW 580 Double U-Profile roller and the TW tandem roller.
Adding to that roller line-up for Cereals 2016 is the all-new D 600 disc roller which is designed specifically for use in heavy soil types. The mix of deep cutting discs with serrated rims means a constant positive drive and a good crumbling effect as well as leaving the perfect surface to prevent capping and erosion but still allowing the gaseous exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The roller is also perfectly at home in stony going.

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