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As one of the biggest European fertiliser spreader manufacturers AMAZONE always endeavours to provide the farmer with hightech machinery for best operational results under consideration of the demands of environmental care. For research and development a new fertiliser test hall is available since end of 2009. Among others, here basic tests with regard to most different problems are carried out. The evaluation is done via calculator assisted simulations. With the aid of spreading tests the setting recommendations for the setting chart are also determined.

Please find detailed information of the new test hall and a video on the bottom of this page. 

Fertiliser data base

When utilising high class centrifugal fertiliser broadcasters farmers and agricultural contractors require the availability of precise information about an optimum machine setting.
Therefore, comprehensive setting charts, easy to handle measuring and calibration device and the fertiliser service by phone are granted by AMAZONE.
Via the internet every user of AMAZONE fertiliser spreaders can query the machine setting depending on the implement type, working width and kind of fertiliser. The web server makes use of the existing data base. The advantage of this easily operated online query is that new measuring results and kinds of fertiliser can immediately be considered. Moreover, the farmer or agricultural contractor can check at any time whether his setting chart is still up to date.

Laboratory Tests
In addition to the test hall AMAZONE offers the fertilising service: Our fertiliser spreader customers will get advice by phone in difficult fertiliser queries. In most of the cases the fertiliser data base offers the suitable setting recommendations. If the relevant fertiliser is not listed in the data base a laboratory test on the basis of a 5 kg sample will provide you with the correct setting recommendations. Download of the service card.

You will reach our FertiliserService from monday till friday from 8.00 - 15.00 h local time by calling phone No. +49 (0) 5405 501-111, via WhatsApp: +49(0) 175 488 9573 or by fax +49 5405-501-374.
In addition the FertiliserService is available at a prolonged service time during the spring season.

Mobile Service (only applicable for Germany)
For checking centrifugal fertiliser spreaders under operational conditions the tray test kit is available. Special factors of influence of the farm and the state of technology are considered. Experienced employees can be asked for together with the test kits. In addition a maintenance service is possible.

APP FertiliserService

DüngeService-App auf iPhone

Amazone now also offers its FertiliserService as an App for Smartphones. In this way, depending on machine model, working width, kind of fertiliser and application rate, the precise values for the shutter slide opening and spreading discs angle can be accessed.

EasyCheck – Precise spreading made easy!


Digital, mobile test kit for the easy optimisation of the lateral distribution

Instead of testing trays, such as those found in the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck system consists of just 16 lightweight test mats made from rubber and the EasyCheck App for Smartphones. The test mats are positioned in pre-determined distances away from the tramline. Then the relevant tramlines are spread and the mats with the fertiliser granules laying on them are photographed via Smartphone. The App now compares automatically how much fertiliser has been collected on each test mat and sets the results of the individual rows to an average. In cases where the spreading results are not the optimum, the App suggests readjustments for the setting of the relevant fertiliser spreader.

For further information please see the EasyCheck instruction manual. You can download the App here. Supplement: Preferred implements for photo analysis for EasyCheck.

Most modern spreading hall in the world

Testvorrichtungen neue Düngersstreuer-Testhalle

With the new fertiliser spreader test hall for research, development and production quality support, opened in October 2009, AMAZONE now has the latest technology for testing spreaders with fertiliser and other spreadable materials, which means that AMAZONE will continue to offer its customers the most up to-date fertiliser service in the world.

As part of a complete renovation inside the existing test hall, a newly designed testing rig that included innovative measuring and evaluation technology was installed. This has resulted in a whole host of crucial improvements. Now fertiliser spreaders with working widths of up to 72 m can be tested, new kinds of fertiliser can be tested even more quickly for their material and spreading properties, and the corresponding recommended settings for AMAZONE fertiliser spreaders can be updated accordingly.

When you enter the new test hall, the first thing you notice is a hydraulically-driven turning and lifting platform equipped with weighcells. Two fertiliser spreaders can be mounted on it at the same time. Along a central longitudinal axis that starts at the platform, there is a 42 m long measuring beam with 84 collecting funnels (50 x 50 cm). Every funnel opens out into a measuring container fitted to an on-line weigh-cell.

When a spread test is carried out, the fertiliser spreader fitted to the lift frame turns about a vertical axis through a defined distance at a defined speed, spreading the set amount of fertiliser. At the same time, each of the 84 online weigh-cells records its collected amount of fertiliser at a rate of 5 measurements a second. So during a test run, there are tens of thousands of precise weight measurements that are then converted into a spread pattern using a special computer simulation programme. It is now possible using the new on-line weigh-cell technology to analyse not only the lateral distribution but also the spatial distribution of the spread tests. This brings crucial benefits to the on-going development of fertiliser spreaders and technology such as automatic boom section control (GPS-Switch).

In addition to quicker and more precise results, there are other further improvements. Since two fertiliser spreaders can be mounted simultaneously on the turning and lifting frame, the set-up times are reduced, which means that while a test just carried out on the first spreader is being evaluated, the next test can already be underway on the second spreader. For this reason, and because of the other innovations, the test capacity is substantially increased from an average of 12 previously to up to 100 tests per day in the future. There are also benefits associated with environmental protection and the conservation of resources. The energy required for dehumidifying and air conditioning the hall was reduced by 40 %. A new floor and a central under floor conveyor belt provide greater flexibility and speed when cleaning the hall. The fertiliser can be carefully collected and made available in good condition to local farm.

For the practical application of AMAZONE fertiliser spreaders, it is crucial that the AMAZONE fertiliser service ensures an economic and environmentally friendly use of fertiliser. All types of fertilisers available in the country and also abroad have been investigated over a period of 25 years. All relevant data is determined in the AMAZONE spreading hall and entered in a database.

Video - DüngeService 2010

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