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New Output Calculator is now on-line

The AMAZONE Performance Calculator helps make those machinery decisions easier

 Simply calculate the right choice of machinery

– the new Output Calculator from Amazone!

What working width or what hopper size is required to complete that job in the field - and in an appropriate time? How efficient is that machine per hour, per day or even over the entire season?

To get the answers to all these questions, Amazone has now supplemented its on-line service offering with the addition of a new Amazone Output Calculator. This Output Calculator is a decision support system that helps determine, prior to purchase, as to what extent a machine is the right choice for that relevant farm size.

The Output Calculator enables the farmer to evaluate the most diverse machinery and application scenarios within the sectors of crop protection, fertilising, soil tillage, sowing or precision seeding. Accessed via the Amazone Ltd. home page or direct via the link, the Output Calculator is already pre-loaded within the relevant machine options. Any farm-related, basic parameters and labour management figures can be individually inserted and then, subsequently, the results are displayed directly in a clear and practical manner. And, furthermore, two alternative versions can be also simulated in addition to the current option, so that the most diverse scenarios can be compared and analysed.

The Output Calculator can be handled equally as well via a tablet or smart phone and the data the Output Calculator provides are values for reference and which serve to help find the right choice of machinery.

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