Another great offer on AMAZONE sprayers

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09 May 2018

 The wider the boom you specify, the more you save!

When it comes to boom ride, then we all know that there’s nothing better than an AMAZONE sprayer.

Over 20 years’ experience in the lightweight, but incredibly strong, aircraft wing construction technique has resulted in a range of booms from 12 metres through to 40 metres - all based on the multi-section fold that gives the utmost in flexibility when folding in around telegraph posts and yet, once opened out, provides a rigid host for the nozzle bodies acre, after acre, after acre, year in, year out, making sure that your chemical hits its target. Each boom section is plasma-cut out of a relatively light gauge steel sheet which is then formed into a multi-folded ‘origami’ style construction that gives strength without weight; a 40 metre boom weighs in at less than 1,200 kg. The criss-cross lattice work that links the top frame to the bottom nozzle carrier just adds to the stiffness and rigidity of the set-up. Out on the boom ends, the last section is created from aluminium to keep the tip weight down thus reducing that dangerous yaw movement that means over- and under-spray in the field and a wastage of active chemical.

The conical pivot pins between the sections self-align and automatically take up any wear and tear caused by years of folding in and out. In the boom centre, the truncated pendulum system irons both boom roll and yaw whilst at the same time the complete boom mounting system is damped against vertical bounce movement – so, all in all, the boom does what it says on the canister – it keeps the nozzle where you want it at 50 cm above crop height. Down the road, however, all this lot folds in to either a measly 2.4 m for the Super-S boom or, at the worst, a very respectable 2.6m on the Super-L2; well inside even the width of the pulling vehicle.

The AMAZONE attention to detail carries on into the boom accessories; with every hydraulic ram and hose made in-house with stainless steel fittings used throughout to keep that showroom look, even after years of liquid fertiliser application.

Clever electronics look after the boom height control using the well-known DistanceControl plus system, or now, on the new UX 01 series, the upcoming ContourControl with SwingStop. Variable geometry and independent fold all come as part of the Prof-fold system via the AmaPilot+ Aux-N joystick.

So now there has never been a better time to buy a new AMAZONE sprayer as you will now receive an added saving of £100/metre on all Super-S booms or, on the bigger and bolder Super-L 2, £200/metre. This can all add up to an AMAZING saving of £2,400 on a UF1801/24m mounted sprayer; or a staggering £8,000 off a Pantera 4502/40 metre.

So get down to your local AMAZONE dealer now to find out more or ring the Boom hotline now on 01302 755725 - it the chance you have been waiting for. And don’t forget, there’s a fantastic sprayer attached to every AMAZONE boom just to help you make that decision.

You can see the new boom ride inaction in the Sprays & Sprayer ring or why not pop onto Stand S705 to find out more out the AMAZONE sprayer range.