Ceus at Cereals 2018

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18 April 2018

Ceus disc and tine combination cultivator
When it comes to cultivation, it is flexibility that is needed so, whatever the application, the optimum depth of work and mixing effect can be achieved. Working stubbles shallow to promote an early chit is still a strong method of combating grass weed issues but there are times when, either due to poorer soil structures, or where we are looking to incorporate copious amounts of organic matter then deeper working with a tine is also necessary.
The new Ceus disc and tine combination cultivators, available in 4, 5, 6 and 7 m working widths, ideally combine both systems for the best of both worlds.

Compact disc harrows for the ideal stale seedbed
When it comes to getting a cultivator to contour follow at just 3-5 cm deep, then there is nothing better than a Catros compact disc harrow. The Ceus combination cultivators offer, up front, a double row of Catros+ 510 mm diameter serrated discs in the usual 250 mm spacing. Depth of the discs can be either mechanically or hydraulically adjusted depending on choice and, if necessary, the discs can be lifted out of work entirely to leave just the C-Mix tines in work.

C-Mix mulch cultivator tines
Arranged in a multi-row stagger directly behind the Catros discs are the C-Mix tines from the Cenius mulch cultivators. Sitting in a frame with a massive 850 mm of underbelly clearance and mounted at a spacing of 40 cm, the C-Mix super tines feature a 600 kg breakaway force stone protection system and can be equipped with a variety of points depending on the application. The choice of point ranges from the 320 mm stubble goose foot shares right through to the narrow 40 mm deep work tines. The C-Mix Clip quick change system can also be specified. To level out the effect of the rear row of tines, a row of double discs then tickles the soil surface before being consolidated by the full width following roller.
Again the tines can be either mechanically or hydraulically adjusted for depth and, if the Ceus is being used for shallow stubble chitting, the C-Mix tines can be lifted out of work completely.

Following roller of choice
With 10 different following rollers to choose from depending on soil type and application, the machine at Cereals will be equipped with the new DDW double disc roller

Safe on the road
The transport wheels are centrally-mounted for maximum manoeuvrability and are supplied with either a hydraulic or air-braking system. The machine is perfectly balanced in transport leading to safe high-speed transport.

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