Catros+ 3003 SPECIAL goes eco-priced

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17 April 2018

The need for a specialist tool to carry out a quick, shallow stubble tilling post-combine for generating the perfect environment to persuade volunteers and weed seeds to grow has never been as important. And the main benefit of the Catros compact disc harrows is the fact that each individual disc assembly is mounted on its own rubber buffer blocks giving it the ability to contour follow - even at depths as little as 4-5 cm. This ensures that the full surface area is moved yet not too deep to make sure that the stale seedbeds are weather-proof for working up or drilling later in the season. At the other extreme, the machine can still be dropped in to around 12-15 cm depended on disc type. The change in depth can either be done optionally from the tractor cab on the move via a tractor spool valve or, as standard, by adjusting the machine mechanically.

The choice of disc size depends very much on soil type and the degree of organic matter to incorporate. When wanting work extremely shallowly, then the best option is the 460 mm smooth disc which has much higher peripheral speed to move more soil as well as full contact on the ground over the complete revolution; a serrated disc only functions well at depths in excess of the depth of the scallop otherwise it leaves ground unmoved and potential pockets of non-germinated seeds that will catch up with you later. If there is a need for deeper working or more organic material to mix in such as with cover crops, maize residues or for renovating grassland then the 510 mm serrated disc is the better choice.

To make such a specialised piece of kit affordable the new Catros+ 3003 ecoSPECIAL is now available at an extremely special price of just £9,750 + VAT nett on farm. The price is complete with the soil-on-soil, UW Profile roller which leaves a smooth consolidated surface that is ideal for encouraging shallow-germinating seeds to grow. Hydraulic depth control starts at just £595.

For shallower work still, the Catros 3003 ecoSPECIAL can be specified at just £9,500 + VAT nett on farm, again complete with UW Profile roller and mechanical depth control.

A choice of 10 different packer rollers, including the DW or new DDW disc rollers or the KWM 650 matrix wedge ring roller make the Catros range extremely flexible and can be specced to suit any farming situation.

Of course the Catros range isn’t just a one trick pony, the range goes through 21 models from 2.5 m up to a staggering 12 m and 13 tonnes of intensive soil working kit designed for covering big areas fast.
So if you would like to know more about the Catros+ 3003 ecoSPECIAL deal or you would like to see one of the new trailed 7, 8 or 9 m Catros+ 03-2TX models in action then click here to request a demo or call us now on 01302 751200