Amazone debut the Cataya drill combi at Tillage-Live

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12 September 2017

Tillage-Live this year will see Amazone showcasing a ruck of new kit. Having launched the little and large Catros compact disc harrows at Cereals back in June, the new baby of the Catros family, the Catros+ 3003 Special will be the working alongside the Catros+ 8003-2TX trailed compact disc harrow, the Catros+ 3003 Special being equipped with a GreenDrill seeder box for catch crop or oil seed rape establishment.

The Amazone stand will feature its usual flash of yellow as the kit is paraded behind a fleet of JCB Fastracs from 160 HP through to 330 HP. The Cayena tine seeder, with its new long-life leg, will be doing what it does best - as little as possible! The narrow TineTeC coulter drops the seed into a clean furrow which is then back filled with some fine tilth created by the drill action before being rolled by the rear 800 mm diameter wedge ring tyres thus giving the perfect combination of little soil movement, excellent placement and good seed embedment to get that crop off to the best of starts. Where a bit more soil disturbance is the order of the day, then come and catch up with the changes to the Cirrus range - the 6 metre grain and fert drill in action here features the new TwinTeC+ double disc coulter which, in the hard and cloddy conditions at Wickenby, it should be an ideal demonstration of its potential when drilling at speeds of up to 20 km/h.

There will be plenty more soil engaging kit on show: such as the long clearance Cayros XS 5 furrow vari-width plough as well as the Cenius 4003-2TX mulch cultivator. The C-Mix legs on the Cenius here will be equipped with the 170mm stubble shares, again designed to create an ideal, weather-proof, stale seedbed which can be left late into the autumn to allow for delayed drilling to combat secondary grass weed seed germination.

Of course, star of the show, is the new ISOBUS Cataya gravity seed drill combination with GPS-controlled half-side shut-off and featuring here the smaller, 340mm diameter TwinTeC double disc coulters similar to those found on the Cirrus. Underneath the drill is a KX 3001, one of the revised rotary cultivator range, here fitted with the new Matrix 600 wedge ring roller.

And across the way with New Holland will be more kit, including a working tyre pressure demonstration involving one of our AD-P Super 3000 drill combinations and in the sprayer ring there will be a chance to ride in the comfortable Vista cab on the Pantera 4502 Tier IV with 36 m boom and all the toys - including AmaSelect - the ultimate way of choosing the right nozzle for the right job - especially as it all done automatically for you!

So now with just over 24 hours before the start of the event, 8 lorry loads of kit are winging their way south down the A1 ready for Thursday morning first thing - see you on our Stand from 8am.

You can find Tillage-Live just off the A158 and B1399 on Wickenby Aerodrome, Lincoln, LN3 5AX or for more details on the event then visit the Tillage-Live website