Building work commences at Orchard Farm

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26 June 2017

The Amazone Group is a very long-established, family-owned, multi-million € turnover, German manufacturer of farm machinery with 7 production sites across Europe as well as facilities in Russia and Britain where machinery is produced for the local market. And with a history of supply in Great Britain that goes back through import-ers to the early 60’s, Amazone Ltd was founded in 1983 to become the Dreyer family-owned division of Amazonen-Werke offering sales, parts, service and advice to British farmers across all agricultural sectors as well as supplying the amenity and local authority markets with its range of Groundcare turf maintenance equipment. Those last 30-odd years has seen a huge increase in the level of technology found on farm machinery and Amazone has been at the forefront in providing high-tech solutions for granular fertiliser application, soil tillage, crop protection chemical application and seeding. Since 1990, the company has been based at Blyth Road, Harworth, Doncaster, in South Yorkshire.

As a global supplier of crop care and crop establishment machinery, Amazone has a responsibility to ensure that farmers have access to the most up-to-date solutions that help reduce environmental impact as well to provide the wherewithal to fulfil the needs of an ever-growing population that will see the demand for food double by 2050. The Amazone Group invest heavily in research and development, and not just in machinery, but also in searching for optimised agronomical systems that offer world-wide farmers the chance to improve yields, maintain sustainable pesticide and fertiliser use, negate soil erosion and enhance soil health as well as improving efficiency to reduce costs so that food remains affordable. This research takes place in many countries across the world; taking into account the local effects of climate and soil type. Long-term trials into ways of maintaining sustainable arable crop production have been carried out in Great Britain for more than 20 years and currently a field trial has been on-going at Tickhill, South Yorks., since the mid-noughties.

The desire to ensure that advice being offered to British farmers is meaningful led Amazone Ltd to invest in 2015 in Orchard Farm, a 30 acre holding at Auckley, Doncaster as their Training, Research and Education centre. This new site has provided an in-house facility where machinery operators, dealer service staff and the next generation of farmers via the education of students from agricultural colleges and universities from across the UK have been trained to the highest level. Here also trials work has also been carried out as well as the site having the ability to demonstrate the wide range of equipment available to prospective clients.

Of course the scope for Orchard Farm is much greater and, heralding the next exciting stage in the development, this week sees that start of the erection of a purpose-built building that will also house the sales and service division as well. Following this multi-million £ investment, the site will encompass spare parts supply, whole goods distribution and the infrastructure behind the whole business in a state-of-the-art facility that will benefit the employees of the company as well as their client base alike. Through the integration of a new Active Centre, Orchard Farm will continue to host Amazone’s Training, Research and Education facility yet with improved facilities here as well.

Utilising the expertise of Fisher German, the existing site at Harworth was put on the market and is now sold pending the completion of the Orchard Farm development and, all being well, 2018 should see the transfer of the business from Blyth Road across to the new site and the start of a new era in the life of Amazone Ltd and its staff.