Chance of winning a Bfs FlowCheck on Stand 2 at Cereals 2017

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31 May 2017

A poorly calibrated sprayer can cost you dear with regard to wasted product and perhaps unnecessary travelling from field to fill up due to over-application. The usual method of checking nozzle output by using a measuring jug and stopwatch is a fiddly operation that normally results in you getting wet!

However, there are infinitely better and cost-effective alternatives around and so, over the two days of Cereals 2017 in Boothby Graffoe, AMAZONE will be giving away a Bfs FlowCheck worth £39.99 to 10 lucky visitors to their stand each day. We are on Stand 2 for this year but, irrespective of the number, we are still, as usual, right next to the Sprays & Sprayers ring. All you have to do to enter our free prize draw is to pop by the stand and either present your entry ticket to the show to be scanned or fill out a quick draw card and, each night after the Show, the 10 lucky winners will be announced on Facebook and our website.

These nifty Bfs FlowChecks make sprayer calibration a doddle, irrespective of nozzle size and without worrying about finding the stopwatch on the phone at the same time. Each individual FlowCheck is calibrated for accuracy and can check the output of any one of 8 different nozzle sizes quickly, simply and reliably. They come approved for NSTS testing so they must be good.

For more information on the Bfs FlowCheck then click here

The prize draws will run independently on each day so you have double the chance of winning! We look forward to seeing you on 14th & 15th June where, of course, it will not just be nozzle flow rate tools on show as there will also be an impressive array of machinery including the two new additions to the Catros family - the new 9 metre Catros+ 9003-2TX and the baby 3 metre Catros 3003 Special.