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Turfcare tips: This spring don’t let the grass get away from you

The 2.1m tipping height makes the Profihopper ideal for clearing up after itself

The relatively mild winter months have taken their toll on grass swards, and the spring season heralds the start of yet more growth with plenty of lush grass coming on stream as soil temperatures increase and daylight hours lengthen. Those green spaces need knocking back into shape and, rain or shine, the Amazone Profihopper self-propelled and Groundkeeper tractor-mounted or trailed, flail mower collectors, make the ideal tool for year-round grass maintenance and renovation.

This really is a time of year when you need to keep your eye on the ball, or more importantly, your eye on the grass, with this season’s new growth filling out as we speak. As we well know, good grass maintenance is a never-ending occupation and so now is the time to get the Profihopper or Groundkeeper to thin out those green areas. Removing the dead grass thatch and moss out of the sward bottom will cut down on the amount of nutrients being returned to the soil that promote unnecessary growth as well as improving light levels in the grass bottom to reduce disease susceptibility, control weed growth and help rain infiltration by breaking up the soil surface. Mowing the grass down to a manageable height can then be done at the same time by using a combination of grass blades and either the 2mm or 3mm scarifying knives.

Let SmartCut tidy things up
The clever SmartCut horizontal flail has a quick-change blade system meaning that the knives can be exchanged for a set-up that is not just to either mow and collect to a fine lawn finish, for instance using the H77 or H88 blades, or mulch, but also can be used across a variety of tasks such as clearing away heather and light scrub. Any leftover fallen leaves can be shredded and tidied up into the big capacity, high-lift collection hoppers.

However, as the spring flowering bulbs go over and the tops start to die back as the corms are replenished, the SmartCut system can be really put to good use taking away those tops when the time is right. Using a mixture of wing blades and scarifying knives both the greenery, and the long grass that has accumulated amongst them, can be mown off and collected for composting leaving the bare sward then with light and air to green up and fill back out again. There is no better a way than this to get things back to normal again for the summer months. For those involved in wildflowers, the top grass can also be scalped off ready for wildflower meadow preparation and they take litter and rubbish in their stride.

Mow, Mulch, Scarify, Collect, Roll
With its unique ‘5 machines in 1’ functionality there is no more universal a tool than the Groundkeeper or Profihopper. So whether it is a 1.25m cutting width, 24.5 hp self-propelled Profihopper, or a tractor mounted or trailed Groundkeeper in widths of 1.35m to 2.1m, then there is always the perfect match of machine to suit your application.

To see how the Groundkeeper can do 29 years’ service with you click here or find out how a Profihopper smartened up things for High Laning Caravan & Camping Site. Alternatively if videos are more your thing, click here to see the Profihopper in action

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