C-Mix Clip makes life easier for tine changing

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10 March 2017

Amazone now offers, in addition to the already well-proven C-Mix shares, the new C-Mix Clip quick change system for the Cenius mulch cultivator series to facilitate an even more comfortable share change. In this way, the simple, very quick and, above all, time-saving change over from, for instance, a deep loosening with narrow shares to stubble work with goose foot shares is possible without any problem. Thus the operating costs can be kept to a level as low as possible.

The C-Mix Clip share system consists, exactly like those of the well-known C-Mix shares, of a guide plate and a tip. However, here on the C-Mix Clip system, the guide plate is fixed to the tine and the tip is then fixed on the quick change system. After the initial, simple assembly of the C-Mix Clip bracket on to the tine, different share tips can be attached with the aid of an easily detachable locking pin according to the relevant operational purpose. The securing pin is guided at the reverse side of the tine through a hollow bolt and thus holds the relevant share tip safely on the C-Mix Clip bracket.

Depending on the operating conditions, Amazone offers an 80 mm wide tine which is especially ideal for the intensive loosening at working depths of 12 cm to 30 cm and for achieving the perfect mix of organic matter down to the deeper soil layers. In addition, a 100 mm wide share tip is available, suitable for 10 cm to 20 cm working depth and is thus suitable both for the deeper stubble tillage and also for primary soil tillage. A 320 mm wide goose foot share tip which is used for the shallow and overall stubble tillage of 3 cm to 10 cm is also available.

A special tool is available to firmly push the share onto the C-Mix Clip bracket. This offers additional comfort during the simple change by a reliable pushing on of the share tips.

With the C-Mix quick change system, Amazone has established a system which not only reduces the downtime expenditure, and thus the costs of a share change, but also allow the individual and quick response to the prevailing operational purpose. The system ensures that the correct tines for the job are utilised reducing wasted fuel consumption and preventing the soil from being cultivated at the incorrect depth or with the wrong quality of work.