The AMAZONE SmartLearning Programme

The AMAZONE SmartLearning offers interactive driver's training, which enables the driver to practice the opration of complex machinery on their own, and outside normal operational times, through being trained interactivelyvia a PC or tablet.

New drivers can follow the modules and get acquainted with the machine beforehand enabling them to increase their efficiency. In this way, optimum training prior to the operation/season is carried out so that the full potential of the machine can be utilised right from the first day.  

AMAZONE SmartService 4.0

AMAZONE SmartService 4.0

Use of virtual and extended reality and of digital media for service, training and maintenance work.

SmartLearning agricultural technology

Das AMAZONE E-Learning Landtechnik

Practice by yourself on the PC or tablet via interactive training the operation of complex AMAZONE agricultural machinery, also outside operational times.

SmartLearning Municipal Technology

Das AMAZONE E-Learning Kommunaltechnik

The online driver's training includes many movie clips explaining with speakers' texts and simulations the technical relations of the machines.

SmartLearning agricultural technology download version

SmartLearning Landtechnik Downloadversion

Download our modules and practice on the PC or Tablet-PC the operation of complex AMAZONE machinery on your own and also outside the operational times.

Download Microsoft Installation file