Boundary spreading for an economical and environmentally safe mineral fertiliser application

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Boundary spreading plays an increasingly important part in today’s agriculture, for besides the desire for optimum fertiliser distribution right up to the field's border but that also the relevant environmental factors are more and more taken into account. AMAZONE offers a wide range of border spreading techniques for all situations and at all levels of operator comfort and more importantly all the technical solutions enable the setting of the broadcaster in accordance to the Fertiliser Application Advice.

Side spreading - first tramline along the field's boundary (e.g. with border spread deflector)

When the first tramline is placed right at the field's border, side spreading (the yield oriented setting) is achieved hydraulically from the tractor seat via half side hydraulic shut off. When using the border spread deflector, only a little fertiliser is thrown beyond the field's border with optimum fertilisation within the field.

Side spreading - Boundary spreading - 1/2 tramline distance towards the field's boundary (e.g. with the Limiter)

Side spreading (1/2 tramline distance from the field's border)
The adjacent area is in agricultural use and so a small amount of fertiliser crossing the field boundary is tolerated to ensure the optimum supply of the useful plants. An even distribution of fertiliser is maintained right up to the field boundary at the normal field spread rate.

Boundary spreading according to the fertilising decree (1/2 tramline distance from the field's border)
Boundary spreading in accordance to the procedure outlined in the Fertiliser Application Advice. No fertiliser may be spread beyond the field's border on the adjacent area (roads, water courses, etc.). To prevent an over fertilisation over this strip the boundary side spread rate also has to be reduced. This results in the slight under fertilisation of the crop just inside the field boundary.

Wedge shape spreading (e.g. with hydro drive)
Gore spreading allows the uniform fertilisation of awkward shaped fields as when the throwing width is reduced the spread rate is simultaneously reduced to maintain an even application rate (kg/ha) across the whole field.

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